Co-Parenting Resources & Tools

 Talking Parents gives you the tools for effective communication.

Why Use Talking Parents?

Email, text messaging, and social networking sites are great, but when it comes to important communications regarding shared-parenting responsibilities and possible litigation, these forms of electronic communication are just not up to the challenge.

  • Secure - Co-parents cannot tamper with their Talking Parents record. Parents cannot delete or edit anything they say while using our tool. We do not rely on the individual user’s computer, tablet, or phone to save messages. We save and maintain a single independent record on our servers.
  • Reliable - Talking Parents can not be affected by individual users’ hardware or software issues. Users can not lose their information because they do not keep it themselves; we keep a secure record located on our servers.
  • Accurate -

    We host the record, so users cannot alter it. A parent that uses Talking Parents cannot claim that their co-parent has altered the record of communications. Our records also include time and the view state of shared messages and files.

  • Complete -

    Records present a coherent view of all conversations in chronological order. You no longer need to keep up with emails, text messages, or social network communications. We keep all communications between parents in one place, forever.

  • Efficient -

    Many lawyers show up to court with messy, confusing stacks of printed out emails, text messages, and screenshots from social networking sites, none of which are designed to keep an accurate, secure and readily-available record of all communications. Our tool removes the mess and inefficiency out of the co-parenting equation entirely.

  • Formal -

    No spam, junk, or off-topic distractions. We are all about solid communication between parents regarding their children. Parents know their conversations are securely stored and will be readily available to the court in the event of future litigation.

  • Dependable - People change phone service providers, create new email accounts, or abandon existing ones due to the tremendous amount of spam or service security breaches; which leads to unreliable and incomplete records and a general lack of formality. Talking Parents is a dependable tool that allows contact information to be updated quickly.
  • User Support -

    No other service is designed to do what we do and offer the specialized support that we do. We understand the needs of our users and strive to provide a high-quality experience for the parents, lawyers, and courts who rely on us every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

The best way to share your conversations with a third party is to email them a complete copy of your record in PDF format. You can do this directly from the Complete Records section of our site.

The receiving party will be able to read or print the record, and they will be able to easily and instantly search the entire document electronically. You can direct them to a specific message or conversation by referencing a page number, or they can search the record electronically by keyword.

Currently, all Talking Parents records are limited to just two participants. We plan to expand our service to allow for more than two participants on a single record, but for now, once you obtain your PDF record, it can easily be emailed or printed and shared with another party.

To regain access to your account follow these steps:
Visit and use the the mobile phone number associated with your account to retrieve your password using our secure SMS text code system.
If you do not have a phone number associated with your account, you will need to do the following:
  1. Obtain a notarized copy of your driver's license (banks and shipping centers have notaries that will notarize documents for a small fee)
  2. Send the notarized copy of your driver's license via certified mail to the address below. 
To send a certified letter, take the notarized copy of your driver's license to your local post office.